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Cinderella's attic

Waiting for Fairy Godmother to show up

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about me

Hello, I'm Cinderella, 21, and I live in an ancient mansion somewhere in the small country that is the Netherlands. Cinderella is a nickname of mine, due to, obvious reasons? My superpowers are sarcasm and my sharp tongue, but I also love to help people. I'm really stubborn, a bit boyish (it rubs off), and when I had less than 5 hours of sleep, I'm not always as friendly. Don't get scared though! ;)

Right now I don't attend any college, due to my glorious career as a maid, but I am saving up for whenever that holy moment comes.
I like a lot of things in life. I like to help or support people (sounds lame, whtever) which is something I'd like to pursue. I am an artistic and musical person, if I have spare time I gladly use it for photography, painting, or best friend <3 The Piano. And I need my Ipod like *GAAH* oxygen. I also love reading, good tv shows and writing. Since a year or two I also suffer from a serious addiction to Kdrama, Jdrama and their culture. (More interests, scroll down:P)
I get a kick out of action, adventure, mystery, and thrillings, things I also very much prefer in any kind of fiction. If it involves a lot of that, I might even fangirl! *gasp*

I'm a rabid rewatcher! Sometimes I prefer to rewatch a favorite than try something new. Hey, at least I know it won't dissapoint.

Some posts are friend-only. If you want to friend me, please go ahead. I'll probably friend you back :)
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